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Combating erosion with simple landscaping changes

Does this sound familiar?... A rainstorm with water runoff creates its own path and causes destruction to anything in its way. This water runoff can cause erosion and soil weakening. A retaining wall, or a dry creek bed are solutions your property can utilize to control the damage. We are landscaping professionals, so you can rest assured we are taking into consideration adequate height requirements, placement, materials, and much more.

low level retaining wall on basement level of home

We can build your rock retaining wall in Cedar Rapids, IA

The most popular reasons include erosion control, reinforcement for ground soil, and creating level areas in your yard, i.e tiered landscaping. Retaining walls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Retaining walls can help to stabilize slopes and prevent soil from sliding down hillsides. This is particularly important if your property has steep inclines or uneven terrain. By installing a retaining wall, you'll create a barrier that holds back the soil and keeps it in place even during heavy storms. For backyards that are sloped, this is an excellent way to create more usable space. 

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Water runoff and erosion issues are nothing new, but with the right landscaping and hardscaping in place, we can keep the rainwater diverted. Call our team today at 319-361-0835 for a free quote.

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