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Lee's Beginnings: Turning a Passion into Your Dream Space

Lee's Lawn & Landscaping: A Local Dream Takes Root

Back in 2006, right here in Cedar Rapids, something pretty cool started. Jon Lee, a guy who’s always had a thing for green spaces and nailing the details, had an idea. Tired of seeing yards not getting the love they deserved, he kicked off Lee's Lawn & Landscaping. It wasn’t just about starting a business; it was about doing things differently – the right way.

A Journey Driven by Passion and Precision

This wasn’t your average start-up story. Jon wasn't chasing dollars; he was chasing a dream to transform how people felt about their outdoor spaces. He saw a gap – a need for genuine care, real quality, and bringing homeowners’ visions to life. That's what Lee's is all about.

Your Outdoor Dreams, Our Expert Hands

Embarking on a landscaping project can seem a bit daunting, right? That's where Jon and our crew come into the picture. Think of us as your go-to guys for turning 'meh' into 'wow.' Questions about the perfect patio spot or the right plants? We're just a chat away.

Crafting Spaces with Heart and Expertise

Under Jon’s leadership, we're like a landscape-loving family, focused on getting every detail just right. Whether it's a quick yard touch-up or a full-scale outdoor revamp, we pour our heart and soul into it. Why? Because we love seeing that smile on your face when you see the finished product.

Building More Than Just Landscapes

So, what do you say? Ready to turn that yard into something you’ll love? Give us a call. Let’s chat, brainstorm, and make something beautiful together. With Jon and the Lee’s Lawn & Landscaping team by your side, your outdoor space is in for something special.

Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

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