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Get creative with your landscape

Hardscaping can transform any outdoor space into a stylish and functional focal point. From an outdoor fireplace or retaining wall used in your tiered backyard design. There are countless options available to suit any taste and budget. Outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits are popular hardscaping additions and are perfect for those chilly evenings. Lee’s Lawn and Landscape serves the Cedar Rapids area including Marion, Hiawatha, Robins, and Swisher, Iowa.

3d landscape design rendering

3D design and rendering

We use 3D technology to transform the way we envision outdoor spaces. With our help, our customers can now create realistic, immersive models of their dream landscapes. From planning a garden to designing an entire backyard oasis, 3D modeling offers accuracy, flexibility, and creativity like never before.

Commercial property hardscaping

One popular hardscape feature is the addition of paver walkways. By creating clear paths, your businesses can direct foot traffic and make your property more accessible. 

Another key element of commercial hardscaping is retaining walls. Retaining walls serve a practical purpose in preventing soil erosion or managing slopes on properties with uneven terrain. However, they also add visual interest to outdoor spaces and create opportunities for unique landscaping design elements like terraced gardens or water features. 

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Our team at Lee’s Lawn and Landscape enjoys helping Cedar Rapids residents. We can put our heads together and design your backyard landscaping that will fit your budget. Call us today at 319-361-0835.

Hardscaped Waterfall and pond in backyard
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